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Amongst the several floating boats
There was a particularly large mote
They said don’t

Point at the flairs
The tears
The tares
The ever few mares

Stares at me
Hones in one me
Have a celestial revelation

Gaze through the days
Long forgotten
The maze
Long forgotten


Up the silver stairs
Through the mares
If you dare

And find the end
To your penultimate task
You take your flask
And grab your mask


When you wait around
Fears Abound
Of what will be
And what could be

When you stop
And Spot the changes
It’ll only get worse

Worse for the Proud
The Humble
The Afraid
The Daring

Why force their way
Another day
Try their hardest
For Vnayas


I never said I love you
I never said goodbye
I don’t want to be another alibi

Sometimes I want to fly
Through the sky
When I die

Before I die
I’ll dye my clothes
Red lye on my robes
I’ll lie by and by
Even though I sigh and say goodbye

When you wonder
Why I wander
Through the sky
It’s because I want to die

I’ll fly to the sun
And burn
I’ll fly to the moon
Don’t be a fool
I’ll fly to worlds unknown
And weep for thee my Alibi
Don’t Lie

All things aside
When the tide abides
Suffer me Alibi


When I first started posting, I found that I did not like the posts I had written. In order to have a blog that I was happy with I deleted all my posts. Yes, they are gone. I will start over, focusing on quality of posts not on quantity. I set a goal to post every week, but now I feel that as ludicrous, considering they were mundane. Now, I am going to write the jibber jabber I want to write. I felt the stuff I wrote wasn’t really me. So thanks for reading.



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